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PRAISE® Rated hotels in Launceston

Below is our listing of PRAISE® Rated hotels in Launceston. Hotels appear in PRAISE® Rating order with the highest rated hotel positioned at the top, followed by all other hotels in descending order. Hotels are colour coded for easy reference to our replica orologi PRAISE® Rating Scale: Blue (Excellent), White (Very Good), Yellow (Good), Green (Satisfactory) and Red (Poor). Unrestricted access to all hotels requires the purchase of a Subscription. Click on any free to view hotel to see its detailed PRAISE® Hotel Rating report or to view great photos in our PRAISE® Photo Galleries of the Hotel's Facilities, Room, Views & Vistas and Food & Beverage. You can book directly with most hotels by clicking on Book via Hotel Website or search and book Australian or Overseas hotels by using the search box below. 


  Location 29 Cameron Street Launceston
TAS 7250 
Phone +61 3 6334 3434 
fax +61 3 6331 7347 
Check-in 2:00pm 
Check-out 10:00am 


  Location 28 Seaport Boulevard Launceston
TAS 7250 
Phone +61 3 6345 3333 
fax +61 3 6345 3300 
Check-in 2:00pm 
Check-out 11:00am