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Welcome to the PRAISE® Ponderings section of the PRAISE® RATING Web site.

PRAISE® Ponderings sole purpose, is to stimulate thought on issues that are important to the people and organisations that provide hotel accommodation and to the customers that buy their product. PRAISE® Ponderings is dedicated to raising topics and issues of relevance to the Hotel Accommodation sector of the Hospitality Industry, including its most important component, its customers.

Our aim here is to “stoke the fires” to “fan the embers” of thought and discussion, to “shine a light” on subjects large or small, new or old, complex or straightforward. We want to make people think about the issues we raise, to stimulate ideas, to bring about innovation and improvement to the customer service, facilities and services available in Australia’s hotels.

Our goal is EXCELLENCE!

Thank you for visiting this page. We hope you find PRAISE® PONDERINGS interesting and thought provoking.

We welcome your feedback. If you would like to comment on PRAISE® PONDERINGS or suggest a topic for a future issue, please click on the e-mail link provided below and give us your thoughts.

Through enlightenment the path to excellence can be illuminated for all to see.

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